Check out our new interactive tool to compare all salaries (educators and administrators) in Delaware’s education system.

With all the recent national and local discussion about teacher compensation, we wanted to provide some data to inform the conversation.

Click below to see how much teachers and administrators make in Delaware’s schools. Then share it with others and feel free to tell us how we can make this tool more useful!

View the data at this link (for optimal search functionality) or view it below.

Facts about Delaware Education Salaries: 

  • Teachers in Delaware are paid based on years of experience and degree attainment. See sample salary schedules (Red Clay School District, Brandywine School District, Christina School District).
  • Roughly 70 percent of teacher salaries are covered through state funds and 30 percent from local funds. Here’s some data on Delaware’s teacher workforce and compensation system.
  • There have been previous attempts to reform teacher compensation in Delaware (e.g. increase starting salaries, unlock higher pay based on teaching effectiveness and leadership roles, etc.). See some history here.
  • Delaware implemented a bonus program (Delaware Talent Cooperative) to attract and retain highly-effective teachers in high-need schools. See some studies of that program here and here. The program was cut in 2017.


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