For DelawareCAN and our partners, 2022 was a year of transition and hope. Across the state, over 100,000 students returned to in-person learning, supported by parents, teachers and a legislature that was armed with new ideas.

As we go into the 152nd Legislative Session, DelawareCAN is focusing on bold policies that empower parents and provide students with the opportunities to recover from learning loss and extend their education in exciting, new ways. . In 2023, we’re committed to ensuring:

    • That every student can seize on their uniqueness and access an education system that allows them to customize their learning.
    • That we are providing students with the individual resources that they need. We will continue working toward a truly equitable funding formula that funds students and not systems.
    • That every student has access to the technological devices needed in an ever growing digital world. We will examine the root causes of the technological divide that is plaguing generations of students.
    • We will provide real and immediate solutions to students in our lowest performing schools while simultaneously working with those schools to improve outcomes and resource availability.
    • We will make sure our teachers have the tools they need to empower the next generation of Delawareans.
    • And, as always, we will continue to fight for families to choose the education that is right for them and to expand those options throughout the state.

Our 2023 priorities are bold because after two years of crisis, our students need boldness. For our most struggling and under-resourced children, decades of apathy have created deep injustices. Yet we know that with an undaunted and optimistic approach we can get things back on track. It’s going to be a tough path and we have a lot of hard work ahead, but we know that Delaware’s kids are worth the fight.


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