The Program

Mobilizing Our Voices for Education (MOVE) was launched in January 2018. This experience is designed to prepare everyday Delawareans to be powerful advocates for a high-quality education system. This program is designed for those everyday Delawareans who will not accept an education system that fails to help so many students meet their limitless potential.

Through this program, participants will gain knowledge of education policy & governance, advocacy & campaign planning, personal leadership development, and strong communication skills.

Our Values

    • Delaware is not providing an excellent education for all students and needs major reform.
    • A great school can change the life outcomes of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    • Districts, schools, and teachers should be held accountable for how well they serve students.
    • Parents should have a variety of school options (that are not limited to their zip code) including public charter schools, magnet schools, and traditional public schools

What to Expect

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended education and this year many Delawareans have faced challenging learning experiences. In the midst of a global health pandemic students have begun to cry out for support in addressing distance learning, academic readiness, and racial injustice. This series will focus on equity and the new vision for education.

Convening Format

This is a five-session intensive with each session lasting 90 minutes. This training series will take place online via zoom weekly on Thursdays at 6:00pm each night.


    • January 14th – Orientation and the state of Delaware education
    • January 21st – Examining access to quality course work
    • January 28th – The power of your personal story to change education
    • February 4th – The role school boards play in ensuring equity
    • February 11th – Opportunity and the future of education

How to Register

Registration for the 2021 MOVE training series is now open. The deadline for registration is January 7th at 4:30pm.

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Contact us

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