As our students and their teachers begin the school year, DelawareCAN is proud to share new tools to shed light on representation in our public schools—or the lack thereof.

Last month, the Youth Advocacy Council shed some light on teacher-student diversity gaps across the state in a report called REPRESENTED.

Inspired by their work, we’ve created an interactive set of tools so you can see the gaps for yourself—among administrators, teachers and students in district and charter public schools.

Click here to explore the numbers on diversity!

Representation matters—and to solve a problem, we have to see it for ourselves. Where is the problem the worst? What about the most diverse districts? You can now see for yourself and join our efforts to increase educator diversity across the state.

How diverse is your school district?

Student voices inspired our interactive map—and they’ve already begun to shift the tides of state policy for public education. That’s worth celebrating. Now, let’s take this data and call for change.

Atnre Alleyne is the executive director of DelawareCAN. He lives in Wilmington, Delaware.


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