Founding Executive Director announces grassroots advocacy campaign to improve Delaware public education

Wilmington, DE—Today, founder and executive director Atnre Alleyne announced the launch of DelawareCAN: The Delaware Campaign for Achievement Now, a grassroots education advocacy nonprofit organization that will advocate for a high-quality education for all Delaware students. Alleyne said:

“After years of working in Delaware public education, first at the state Department of Education and next as an education advocacy fellow with 50CAN, I’ve had the opportunity to have conversations about education with Delawareans all over the state. Too often parent, student and community voices, especially from those that look like me, are not a valued part of the policy conversation. As a result, interest groups and insiders often have an outsized impact on policy and policy decisions often focus on adult convenience more than students’ needs.

At DelawareCAN, we will engage a diversity of voices to advocate for education policies that truly benefit our communities. And we will work directly with policymakers and with legislators to ensure the education system we have is the the type our children deserve. We will need a grassroots movement, if we are ever to realize the promise of a Delaware public education system that that prepares every Delaware student for life success and is an engine of social and economic mobility.”

For more information or interviews with Atnre Alleyne, contact Udeitha Srimushnam at (408) 655-7775.

DelawareCAN: Launched in 2017, DelawareCAN: The Delaware Campaign for Achievement Now is a nonprofit organization that empowers, mobilizes and collaborates with everyday Delawareans to advocate for a high-quality education for every Delaware student, regardless of address. DelawareCAN is a branch of 50CAN: The 50-State Campaign for Achievement Now.


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